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Registration Steps

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If you have already registered with OnCallData, please click here. Login

Thank you for choosing OnCallData as your prescription writing service. To register with OnCallData, you will be asked to provide information about your practice and about the people in your practice who will be using the system.

Once you start the registration process, it MUST be completed. The registration will need to be started over from the beginning if left incomplete.

On the registration screens, all fields marked with an * must be completed.

Please have the following information with you BEFORE you start:

  • Your email address.
  • List of all users who will be using OnCallData in your practice. A user may be a prescriber (authorized to sign prescriptions), or a staff member (authorized by a prescriber to perform various tasks on their behalf).
  • For each prescriber, we will need their DEA number, NPI number, a copy of their medical license, and medical specialty.
  • OnCallData Support will contact you for payment when the account is completed.

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